About our company
RISE Corporation was founded in 1992.
Our main activity is representative VIP printing and representative gifts.

The reputation of RISE Corporation as a "courtier company" is correct to some measure only.

Indeed, supreme state institutions and diplomatic representations are among our permanent clients.

In particular, RISE makes printing products for the RF President Administration, Federation Council of the Russian Parliament and Heraldic President's Council of Russia. It is worth to mention that our Company participated in preparation to governmental visits of the Heads of some states.

Our clients are also Administration and Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg, Administrations of some RF regions and the majority of foreign diplomatic representations.

Along with production of prestigious VIP products, we also work for many ordinary companies and advertising agencies.

The results achieved by our Company are based on use of various technologies and experience gained. All that enables us to do the most complicated works even for small runs.

Most important is our aspiration to find the best individual solution for each client and to execute the order in time.

RISE performs all types of printing in combination with hot and raised impression and all kinds of trimming operations. Such techniques are often required for image works to show refinement of a coat of arm or expressiveness of a trademark.

One more distinctive feature of our Company is a lot of novel solutions that are often inventions covered by patents.
The Company also produces unique articles that combine jewellery, binding and printing technologies where filigree carving on a mammoth tusk and amber adjoins a golden design of electrotype; all the palette of semi-precious stones supplements golden embroidery; leather of Kenyan antelope neighbors upon moir of French silk, and strict dignity of manual watering papers is emphasized by the golden edge.

In 2000 and 2003 the Company was awarded with a prize and diplomas of the Polygraph Competition in Verona (Italy).
The Governor Valentina Matveenko and the Heads of diplomatic representations visited this exhibition.

Our office and production facilities are located in the center of Saint Petersburg.

RISE Corporation has representation in Moscow and is also represented in some regions of Russia by advertising agencies that are our partners.

Almost always RISE can offer you more than simply high-quality items, every time it is something new and unusual.
In 2002 RISE was the only printing company in our country that was honored to be represented in Kremlin with its works devoted to State symbols of Russia.

In 2004 big exposition of our works devoted to the Day of Diplomats were presented in Mramorniy Hall of Russian Museum.
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