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Representative polygraphy VIP
The insert is also printed using the entire range of means of traditional and special printing techniques. It may contain embossed seal in combination with paint or foil and even micro-embossing and other elements of protection that serve to emphasize the document's significance.

Besides its expressiveness and external appearance, the folder has many important features as follows:

    Capacity for entering all the variable information: it could be printed on most ink jet printers sine the insert is not of very high density;

    Simplicity of joining the cover and the insert: the thin glue strip makes joining very simple for everybody;

    Convenient presentation: the folder is quite hard and dense yet at the same time it's less cumbersome than a standard presentation folder or framed recognition awards. This important feature may not seem as critical when one handles a single folder, but it makes a difference in hundreds of them;

    Universality of use: by bending the cover at 180 degrees, it can be easily placed in a standard frame;

    Efficiency: the folder is significantly cheaper than typical presentation folders or baguette frames. That's why the familiar saying of nothing is being valued as much and costs as cheap as a kind word makes a new meaning.

The folder is well received by our customers ranging from the President of the country and regional authorities to small advertising agencies. Incidentally, it was even made a mention in the law of St. Petersburg on the Governor's recognition awards.
Presentational folders for ceremonial acts (events)

This folder, registered by two patents, is the foundation for designing a number of such representative papers and recognition documents as honorable deeds, recognition awards, certificates, etc.

The folder consists of a cover and an insert, joined with a special glue strip placed on the cover after filling in variable information.

A symbol, a trademark or a monogram is usually placed on the front of the cover.

The picture printed by combined multicolor printing, foil embossing or relief stamping is particularly effective.
Magnetic clips

Allow us to present a new advertising article.
This is one of our most hopeful inventions. Thanks to the successful decision, this small article is multifunctional:

First, it makes an excellent convenient bookmark that stays in place for a range of publications from thick catalogues to thin booklets.

It is very convenient being placed on a page because it is noticeable and not overhang the page.

Second, the clip is in fact an excellent small clip that that could be easily fastened to any surface with special glue strip or a special aperture. It allows placing reminder notes or other important sheets of paper with it. It can even hold a poster.

Third, it is a wonderful article on which one can place one's company's advertisement for years to come.

Fourth, magnetic clip is an original and novelty gift, among traditional array of corporate gifts (pens, key-chains, pins… How many new types of gifts one could mention that appeared in the last decade?)

And, finally, it is one of the cheapest gifts in your advertising company.

Do not keep hold in your imagination! The magnetic clip could be made of cardboard, thin plastic in any shape and size and may contain any image performed with any kind of stamping and with gold foil embossing, relief stamping, thermal graphics, with laminate.
The portfolio folder

It may seem like another folder. It is made of laminated cardboard but has a lot of serious advantages.

The opening cover has handy plastic fastenings. Unlike regular cardboard folders with flaps, the portfolio is a closed construction, so, if it is dropped, nothing falls out of it.

Another advantage of this folder is in capacity of volume inserts since they can vary in thickness from 5 mm to 50 mm.

Among other advantages of the folder are the possibility for placing the company's functional advertisement on all surfaces of the folder.

And finally, the portfolio has a lot of convenient gadgets for placing such articles as business cards, pens, name tags, mini discs, etc.

All these features make Portfolio the most attractive folder for a variety of conferences, seminars, presentations, etc.

If the portfolio is used as the presentation case with an insert with niches for small articles that could placed along with other corporate gifts in several layers.

And, finally, unlike any typical folder with the latch, our portfolios are the long-term functional pieces with your advertisement, well-worn and presentable even after a year of energetic use..

Now we also produce plastic portfolios.
The binder for separate papers

Thanks to a new fortunate idea, we combined all good features of imported plastic binders with transparent files pockets and binding features, and added new useful qualities.

This binder is made of double-sided thick laminated cardboard and has secret binding mechanism with which you can fasten the needed number of files.

The inside surface of the left cover has transparent file pocket for registry of the contents.

A graphic image can be placed on any surface of the folder.

Besides, we add stickers for personalization. The front side of the folder has a special place for this sticker.

Thus, instead of an imported standard binder with 10-20 files you'll get a handy binder folder with any desired number of file pockets and places for advertisement on all surfaces.

And, finally, the binder for separate papers placed in a portfolio will be a successful example of several elements of the corporate style.
The Award set

If you frequently think of presenting awards or commemorative badges, and if you job is to deal with the personnel that is the critical key to everything, or if you business has something to do with awards and badges, then, please take a look at this novelty.

For the first time, the case for an award and its certificate are joined into one thing.

This item presents new quality and new features:

    First, novelty and originality;
    Second, these two items will stay together;
    Third, convenience of presentation;
    Fourth, convenience of demonstration;
    And, finally, convenience of keeping.

And, of course, efficiency is not the last one on this list of advantages.
There is virtually no limit to your imagination.
Any reasonable format and any color are available.

The wide range of leather and bindery materials as well is an inlay of any degree of compexity, including embossed seal.
The award set is very well received and highly acclaimed.

"Soyuzpetrostroy" used our award set for their Honorable Constructor medals even prior to the set being patented.

Now we are working on an order, which originated from the Kremlin. The big silver award "The Kremlin Standard" reviving the traditions of royal court's purveyors will be packaged in the award sets.

This article is ready to occupy the main place on your desk or on desks of your business partners.

Beside the largest daily record area of 540 x 450 mm, it also has a possibility to relate about one's company by means of visual demonstration, with the necessary information available every day, at an arm's reach.

Fifty-two non-dated week areas allow to begin using the super planner on any given Monday.

For the first time the space for notes is added by such elements of a standard desktop organizer as:

    a section for visiting cards for 25 cards
    a stand for pens and pencils
    a flat magnet section for small stationery items

Moreover, the super planner has two tear-off blocks of paper for notes.
Excellent finish from natural or manmade leather and wonderful packing with fastenings and a handle for carrying it makes the item a great corporate gift, promising to become one of the most popular gifts this year.

Since we produced super-planners based on customized orders, we can customize them according to your every requirement based on the minim order of 20.
Leather plaques
Pocket leather case for your business cards (3 options)
Key-rings with covers

These badges with your company's logo will always be seen: in office on a safe box or on a refrigerator at home. You can often use them as a cheap, effective and long-term advertisement.

Magnets are not yet commonly distributed in Russia and your advertisement will be quite original. The RISE Corporation makes magnets of every shape, configuration with minimal order of several items.
Sealing-wax stamp sets (seal, sealing candles, case, pads)

Today one can find it not only on postal mailings but also on some certificates, even though in most cases it's only an imitation. Very few people will mess with melting sealing-wax in an office that is not adapted for it.

Now anybody can set a sealing-wax stamp with one's monogram, trademark or a coat-of-arms (special regards to those who maintained their coat-of-arms).

"RISE" can offer you special sets for sealing-wax stamping.

In an elegant case with your trademark you'll find:

    A sealing-wax stamp (made of valuable sorts of wood, ivory, amber or anything you may prefer) with the graphic ordered in advance;
    Firm pad for moistening of the stamp;
    Sealing-wax candles (it's the main detail);
    And, if desired, matches with one's logo on the box.

Such set makes an unusual and functionally useful gift, which will necessarily prove useful for image papers (awards, certificates, licenses), gifts and souvenirs, and also as means of control, for sealing parcels and packages, because it is the sealing-wax stamp that today is one of those few elusive threads that connect past and present.
Traditions of elegance
Metal souvenirs (notepad, stand for pens and pencils, business card display stand, phone stand)

Among our more expensive novelties in the range of corporate gifts we can suggest the following corporate metal gifts:

    A notepad with the opening cover.
    This is properly designed notepad with silver trim of the paper and the company's logo on every page.
    The notepad could also have a relief metallic piece (your logo) on a cover.
    A stand for pen and pencils with personalization and the original design.
    Different stands for paper, business cards, mobile telephone, etc.

Such items could be easily completed into sets and will have a very sophisticated business look on any desk.
Small plaques in the baguette frames

Such plaques with your trademark, logo or a coat-of-arms made by stamping on a paper or with the help of tin placement will become a nice addition to the items on your desk. They do not exceed the size of your palm. The plaque is in thin beading or edged with leather or a decorative cardboard setting. This is a wonderful and not very expensive gift for your business partners.
Plastic corner-files

Unlike typical transparent files of A4 format, the corners-files are much denser and harder, which makes them more convenient and presentable. Even one sheet of paper in such a file looks more important. We can not only emboss the picture with foil but also print in one or more colors on these folders. The plastic of the mount can be of different colors.
Notebooks and gift note blocs with golden trim
It is elegant paper for graceful ideas.
For those who think that "the word is silver", we offer notebooks and gift note blocs with silver trim.
Copyright by RISE Corp. © 1992-2021. All rights reserved
The Rise Presentation case

This is a unique presentation case "RISE" in which you can place traditional business gifts in assorted variety: a pen, a badge, a watch, a case for business cards, a mini disk, a tie pin…and anything that your imagination may suggest you.

This case is made of art cardboard of different colors with dense insertion with a flexible insert that has a niche for every article.

The original opening covers of the presentation case not only add a peculiar detail to the case but also, thanks to the thin glue strip, make it possible to place a greeting or salutation message on the back side of the cover.

Personalization of the case could be made by screen printing, embossing, etc. The "RISE" case has the thinnest 30-micron magnetic latch in the world!
The Disco Calendar

This is the only calendar in its class containing a cursor marking the day.

Its original form and design, a possibility for personalization not only on every sheet, but also on the cursor, make DISCO the best calendar for advertisement.
The Concept Calendar

It is the novelty of 2004! Concept is an original calendar with big picture on a hard lining and noticeable date sheets and presents new opportunities for design!
Desktop plastic calendars

Have 12-date sheets and a cursor and are always attention-grabbers! These calendars are bestsellers based on their original stability and tough construction, brilliance of their plastic base with multicolor printing.

We have 3 types of plastic calendars:

    Desktop monthly tear-off calendar or loose-leaf calendar with marker, 110x200mm
    Desktop annual calendar with marker, 110x200mm
    Miniature souvenir calendar, 70х115 mm
Presentation cases

From the point of view of a giver, a gift does not only imply an item or several items but this item or items in a special package or a case.

While completing various orders for corporate gifts and special package, we've learned to make cases for any items ranging from pens to big size paintings.

Our cases could be transparent and opaque, light and solid, with company's logo and ribbons, with flexible insert and with the niche for every item. They became an independent line of items among our product range and meet the demands of various clients.
2D graphic notebooks

These are original tear-off notebooks with full-colored graphics on horizontal surface of the pages and on bevel (45°) cut. The graphic turns from horizontal to inclined surface.

Moreover, as you tear the sheets off, the picture will remain complete.

It is possible to make a sophisticated shape of the inclined surface. The novelty and singularity make these notebooks perfect items for your advertisement.

They come in different sizes and could be packed in transparent film or in special cases.


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